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ThoughtAfter Software is a small IT company founded on the idea that technology jobs can be fun.  We build intuitive, useful software, manage your cloud and setup CI.  We also host and manage VOIP phone solutions. With over 40+ years of experience in IT we’ve done it all.


Scott Shellabarger

Scott Shellabarger, Renaissance Man – He worked his way through college working at Acxiom and running a family retail store. He joined NovaSys Health in 2004 to create their new IT department. While there he automated 90+% of the business operation processes by building custom solutions using open source software. This allowed the company to triple business with minimal staff requirements. He acquired part ownership of NovaSys Health and in 2010 NovaSys Health was sold to Centene Corp, a fortune 500 company based in St Louis. He continued with Centene to lead ACA (Affordable Care Act) rollout in twelve states for over two-hundred thousand members. He led the roll-out of Centene’s first big data solution. He now mentors at the Arkansas Venture Center and Innovation Hub.